Henry The Bumblepotamus 

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Cover idea.

Winston was odd, even by aardvark standards.

His imagination left him petrified of the dark.

Winston had the only aardvark tunnel in Africa with Christmas lights on all year round.

He always had a flashlight and extra batteries... just in case.

But he made the most of his fear. 
The glow from Winston's home lured in all kinds of bugs, and being an insectivore, 
Winston never had to go far for a meal.

The trouble all started when Winston got the brightest - least bright idea ever.

He placed a few orders online.

Winston was sure to lure in all sorts of bugs.

Winston was right about the lights.  They had just lured in some very large bugs.

But not the nice kind.

When he saw the spaceship, Winston hid in his tunnel.  

But when you hide in something glowing, there is a good chance you'll be found. 

Winston was scared 

but he knew what had to be done.

It was then that Winston did the bravest thing any aardvark facing an invading alien army had ever done...

and in that moment, Winston had his darkest - brightest idea ever.

He placed his trusty flashlight at his feet and cast a humongous shadow on the wall.

With a roar that echoed off the walls of the tunnel, Winston dropped an ant into his open jaws.

The aliens ran back to their ship, sure that they had narrowly escaped their doom.

Now alien parents tell stories to their kids of a terrifying monster living underground 

on a little blue planet floating somewhere deep in space.

But we know...

that it was really just one little aardvark with a little courage a great imagination, and a huge roar.

My take on this story...

I really see this as a story parents can share with their kids and act out the ending with flashlights, and play just before bedtime.  It is my hope that this story might help imaginative children roar away their own fears.  When Henry is complete I will start painting this one...  Thank you for taking the time to look over my work and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom McGranaghan